Friday, November 18, 2016

Survivor Continues to be Fan Favorite


As an animal trainer, wildlife consultant, and zoo curator, Josh Ruffell has more than 25 years of experience with exotic animals. Josh Ruffell has applied his knowledge of animals to work in the entertainment industry, for theme parks, zoos, television, and motion pictures.

Mr. Ruffell provided services such as safety surveillance, wildlife management, and wildlife education to the cast and crew members of the hit television show Survivor on location in China, Gabon, Panama, and Guatemala. Survivor, created by Charlie Parsons and produced by Mark Burnett, has been a reality television staple since 2000, the year it was introduced on CBS television.

Now in its 33rd season, Survivor features up to 20 contestants who are marooned in an isolated location for 39 days. The contestants are divided into two tribes and compete in a variety of challenges that grant them special privileges or immunity from elimination.

Every three days, contestants are required to participate in a tribal council in which team members vote to send fellow contestants home. The last remaining contestant in the competition receives a $1 million prize.

During its first season, Survivor experienced immediate success, drawing 52 million viewers to the season finale. With two runs per year, Survivor continues to be a fan favorite. In many ways, Survivor has shaped the reality television genre and has inspired many programs and competitions that feature a “reality” component.

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