Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Universal’s Animal Actors at Universal Studios Hollywood

An animal trainer and wildlife consultant with experience in conservation and entertainment, Josh Ruffell most recently served as Assistant Curator at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Australia. Earlier in his career, Josh Ruffell worked as an animal trainer at Universal Studios both in Hollywood and in Osaka, Japan.

Guests at Universal Studios can catch a glimpse of some of Hollywood’s most famous animals at the Animal Actors show. The show includes live re-enactments from the film “The Secret Life of Pets,” as well as exclusive film content from the Universal library.

The Animal Actors show itself includes a wide variety of animals, ranging from cats and dogs to birds and pigs. Guests have the opportunity to meet the animals near the show’s entrance, typically during non-show hours. Trainers at Universal’s Animal Actors often choose members of the audience to participate during the show, adding an element of surprise to the performance.

To learn more about the Animal Actors show at Universal Studios, visit the official website at

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